USMCA Agreement

TUXEDO, NY - Chele Chiavacci Farley, candidate for Congress (NY-18) released the following statement following the announcement of an agreement between the House of Representatives and President Trump regarding the USMCA:

"For years, I have watched as America became party to terrible trade deals that disadvantaged our economy and hurt our workers and businesses.  I firmly believe that NAFTA was negotiated poorly, was a terrible trade deal for US workers and businesses, and one we were stuck with for 25 years. It is time now for Congress to do its job, put the American people first and take a long overdue vote on the United States Canada Mexico Agreement (USCMA).  

Make no mistake about it, this is a huge win for President Trump and the American people.  While the Democrats in Congress remain hyper-focused and obsessed with a faltering impeachment effort, President Trump has been working hard to fulfill his campaign promise to eradicate NAFTA and replace it with a trade deal that will prioritize American workers including our farmers, manufacturers and union workers and promote continued robust growth in our economy!

The American people have waited long enough. This is a deal that should pass with widespread bipartisan support. I urge Congress to do the right thing and pass USCMA quickly."


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