TUXEDO, NY - Chele Chiavacci Farley, the Republican and Conservative endorsed candidate for Congress (NY-18) released the following statement regarding congestion pricing in New York City:

"New York City commuters understand that the pending congestion pricing surcharge, details of which are still to be determined by the Traffic Mobility Review Board, is yet another way for the Democrats in New York to implement a new, burdensome tax that will hurt them and crush businesses.

The plan requires approval from the Federal Highway Administration. I strongly urge the federal government to deny the implementation of this onerous new tax which will hurt commuters and NYC businesses alike. It’s the typical Democrat response to any issue—-just keep taxing in order to keep spending.

New York residents and businesses already pay some of the highest, most exorbitant taxes in the country and it is causing a mass exodus from our state. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, almost 300 residents are leaving NYC every day, more than double the number from a year ago! Historically, NYC was a mecca for all types of lucrative businesses including finance, banking, fashion, media and communications, but technology today makes it much easier to work from anywhere in the country. So, our residents leave, and our businesses follow, and as this trend continues, taxes will need to be increased again, to cover the loss in revenue. As the tax base continues to erode, so do public services and the quality of life. It is a cycle that we cannot sustain.

New Yorkers already get the worst deal in the country. We send $50 billion more of our tax dollars to Washington than we get back – every year! Meanwhile, our roads, bridges and mass transit systems are crumbling and in need of repair. Our taxes continue to creep higher, as families struggle to make ends meet. That is why I am running for Congress in NY’s 18th District. We need someone in Washington who is focused on getting our fair share of the money back and will make sure funds are available to fix the problems we face. It’s time to send all the tax-and-spend Democrats back home this coming November."


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