Goshen, NY – On Friday, September 18th, a Sean Maloney staffer sent a confusing email to his opponent’s, Chele Farley’s, campaign team, which detailed an upcoming debate sponsored by News12 Hudson Valley and Hudson Valley Gannett Newspapers. In the letter, the Democrat Congressman invites candidate Chele Farley to participate in the debate, which had yet to be announced, as if he were hosting it.

It wasn’t until the following Monday that an actual host of the debate, a Gannett Newspaper executive, would reach out to the Farley campaign and formally invite the candidate to participate. To make the situation even stranger, that invitation came only seconds after a Gannett political reporter questioned Farley’s team about whether or not she planned to respond to the prior invitation.
“It speaks volumes about Sean Maloney that he isn’t satisfied with just participating in a debate, and instead feels the need to turn it into the Maloney show and hijack what should be a respectful forum for policy discussion. This is the same man who went to Washington to represent the Hudson Valley and instead filled his schedule with TV hits bashing the President that his district voted into office."
"Despite the bizarre coordination between my opponent and the debate sponsors, I will still participate and gladly use the opportunity to get my message out to voters that it is time to fix Congress,” said Chele Farley, an engineer and finance executive who believes in Congressional term limits.
The debate between Farley and Maloney will take place the afternoon of October 19th and will be held through Zoom. It will be broadcast on News 12and through, and
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