TUXEDO, NY – Chele Chiavacci Farley (R-Orange County) released the following statement in response to Sean Patrick Maloney's comments today about impeachment:

"Despite talking out of both sides of his mouth all summer, Congressman Sean Maloney finally outed his real agenda today by publicly supporting impeachment against the President based on unsubstantiated and politically-motivated allegations. Once again, the radical Democrats led by The Squad began a witch hunt based on the premise of guilt and Congressman Maloney is right there with them.

Despite my challenge to Congressman Maloney’s previous public denial of his support for impeachment, it should shock no one that he’s flipped on his position again. Instead of wasting time and taxpayer money on phony investigations, Maloney should do his job and focus on issues that need to be addressed now including approving new trade deals, lowering drug prices and improving much needed infrastructure. He has abandoned his district with a very clear message to his constituents that they don’t matter.

It’s time for him to go."


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