House Judiciary Impeachment Vote

TUXEDO, NY - Chele Chiavacci Farley, candidate for Congress (NY-18) released the following statement following the House Judiciary Committee's party-line vote referring articles of Impeachment to the full House of Representatives:

"Since President Trump was elected in 2016, Americans have been witness to the most politically-charged, baseless, partisan witch hunt in our nation’s history. Speaker Pelosi revealed this to be true when she admitted that this has “been going on for 22 months, two and a half years actually.” Led by the radical, progressive Democrats—including our own Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney—the Democrat party has relentlessly gone after an elected President simply because they didn’t like the results of the election. 

To be sure, the Democrats have been hard pressed to actually define the crime committed. Instead they’ve engaged in a sham process that constantly shifted the goalposts beginning with Russia collusion, moving to Ukraine, then obstruction of justice, bribery and finally abuse of office, in order to find the best crime that would fit their pre-determined punishment.

Yesterday Chairman Nadler showed America that these impeachment proceedings are not serious, not bipartisan, not fair and lack any evidence to support their claims. It is clear that these articles were filed in an attempt to hijack the 2020 elections from the American people. Instead of letting Americans decide, Chairman Nadler made his intentions quite clear when he pointed out that “We cannot rely on an election to solve our problems.” This should concern every American citizen.

Perhaps George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley, who testified before the House Judiciary Committee, said it best that this impeachment “would stand out among modern impeachments as the shortest proceeding, with the thinnest evidentiary record, and the narrowest grounds ever used to impeach a president.” 

This is wrong. The American people won’t forget in 2020."


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