The Right Approach to Healthcare


The Democrats want to destroy the private health insurance market that provides coverage to 160 million Americans and replace it with socialized medicine. Their plan will cost up to $52 trillion over 10 years. It will not only lead to massive tax hikes for hardworking families, it will also lead to longer waits, less choice and higher costs.

Instead of unworkable “plans” that will lead to socialized medicine, we need to control healthcare costs.

Chele Farley’s approach:

  • preserve coverage for pre-existing conditions;
  • bring down prescription drug prices;
  • end surprise billing;
  • allow for the sale of insurance across state lines;
  • promote health savings accounts;
  • pass medical malpractice reform that allows for justified lawsuits but ends frivolous ones that ultimately drive up cost;
  • and make Insurance more affordable.

Chele knows we need to create a system that makes health insurance companies work again...where they offer affordable premiums, with reasonable co-pays and manageable deductibles.