GOSHEN, NY – Republican and Conservative Congressional Candidate Chele Farley released the following statement in reaction to the New York Daily News’ report that a homeless man savagely beat a retired NYC police officer from her district this week.

Farley said, “The disturbing and senseless beating of a retired NYPD Officer, who lives here in Orange County, by a homeless man, is another glaring example of the lawlessness ruining our streets. I hope that the man brutally attacked makes a full recovery.”

“If we don’t have safe streets, we don’t have communities where people want to live and raise a family. We need to re-establish law and order in New York State. We need to thank our law enforcement officers for the work they do. We need to stand with them, and we need to fund them.” 

Chele Farley’s opponent, Sean Maloney, advocated for ending cash bail in 2018 and is backed by the Working Families Party, whose number one tenet is to defund the police.

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