TUXEDO, NY – Republican and Conservative Congressional Candidate Chele Farley calls on elected and political leaders to provide the same standards to claims of sexual harassment.

Farley stated:  “Women who have been sexually harassed need to be able to speak out and have their claims heard. We can’t have two categories of reliability based on the political party attached to the person accused.”

“I ran for US Senate during the 2018 Kavanaugh Hearings. I was troubled then at the rush to judgment by elected leaders including my opponent at the time, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford were suspect given she couldn’t corroborate them, but that didn’t stop Senator Gillibrand from grandstanding in a failed attempt to block a qualified Supreme Court nominee.”

"It is appalling that Senator Gillibrand and others are now quickly dismissing the allegations by Tara Reade against Vice President Joe Biden as not credible, despite more corroborating evidence. Under the Kavanaugh standard, Tara Reade has provided ample evidence that demands scrutiny.”

“We need a standard that is applied equally to all accused. Politicians like Senator Gillibrand do a disservice to all women when they pick and choose for their own political benefit the claims that are real and the ones that should just be ignored and dismissed.”

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    • Sara Ballou
      published this page in Latest News 2020-04-30 11:55:28 -0400