This is a statement by Chele Farley, Republican and Conservative candidate for Congress in NY-18.

"Tuesday, the liberal New York City Council inexplicably prioritized their radical political agenda over the safety and security of New York City residents and commuters.  With violent crime surging and a 50% increase in murders from just a year ago, slashing $1 billion in funding for the New York Police Department represents the height of irresponsibility.  This was a purely political decision, pandering to the most extreme actors within their party, that will place lives in danger and imperil a regional economy struggling to regain its footing from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Unfortunately, many Democrat politicians, like Sean Patrick Maloney, have abandoned the moderate public policies they once espoused and embraced what once were considered fringe elements of the political left.  There is no greater example of this than their decision to run on the Working Families Party ballot line.  The WFP openly advocates for defunding our police and demands that its endorsed candidates reject any discussion of taxes or taxpayers.  Hudson Valley families support our police and believe in the virtue of law enforcement.  We want lower taxes and good-paying jobs.  Unless we reverse course, radical actions like that taken by the New York City Council to defund the NYPD will result in irrevocable damage to our region, our state and our country."

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