Congress needs to provide certainty for those impacted by COVID-19

TUXEDO, NY – Republican and Conservative Congressional Candidate Chele Farley released the following statement on Congress’ inability to act quickly on unemployment benefits and pressing COVID-19 funding.

Farley said: “Schools need to reopen safely. They need funding for testing and safety protocols now. Federal unemployment benefits, for those out of work due to COVID-19, are set to run out at the end of this week. Here we are, at the eleventh hour, with Congress engaged in partisan bickering instead of working towards solutions.”

“The inability of Congress to come to quick consensus on providing schools the support they need to reopen safely, and certainty to the unemployed, is just the latest tragic example of a broken Washington. Senate Republicans have put forward a plan that extends unemployment with an attempt to find the sweet spot between financial help and incentive to get back to work. It also provides resources to schools to reopen. And it offers much needed liability protections for schools and businesses.”

“Now is not the time for career politicians, like Sean Patrick Maloney, to score political points or protect a large donor base like trial lawyers. The next four days are a time for all members of Congress to work towards solutions and get something done.”


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