TUXEDO, NY...Chele Chiavacci Farley (R-Orange County) released the following statement in response to Congress going into another recess: 

"Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney and the socialist Democrats in Congress have spent the last few months in hysterics insisting that Congress push through a radical agenda to address climate change, gun control and immigration reform—all characterized as urgent issues that require immediate attention and drastic reform. This past week, radical Democrats led by Congressman Sean Maloney cried out that an impeachment inquiry must be initiated in order to protect our national security. Yet, there was no vote to begin an impeachment inquiry as mandated in our Constitution. Why?

There was no vote because Congress just began yet another recess period—a mere three weeks after returning from a six-week summer recess. If these issues are so dire — if our national security is indeed at risk, if our planet is threatened by climate change within 10 years, if immigration must be addressed to help families at the border — then why is Congress on yet another recess?!

Democrats in Congress took control of the House almost a year ago and have absolutely nothing to show for it, except for a series of endless and expensive witch hunts against President Trump. Instead of working on bipartisan solutions on pressing issues such as infrastructure, USMCA, police violence and illegal immigration, Congress went MIA...again.

It’s time for Congressman Sean Maloney to step aside and allow New Yorkers in the 18th District to send someone to Washington who will actually get something done for them.”

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