Congress Has Failed Us

"After pushing the most partisan and baseless impeachment sham in the history of our nation, the Democrats today—including our own Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney—swiftly and eagerly voted to approve two Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.  

From the beginning, the Democrats have misled the American people.  Speaker Pelosi, who originally ensured Americans that impeachment would not proceed without bipartisan support, broke her word and presided over a House vote that did not garner a single Republican vote.  In fact, the only bipartisan activity was from a Democrat Congressman who is indicating that he will switch parties, as a result of this impeachment process.

Make no mistake about it, impeaching President Trump has always been the goal of the radical Democrats who have hijacked their party.  Congresswoman Rashida Talib made it quite clear, with her crass comments about impeachment mere hours after her swearing in, that this would be her priority in Congress.  While leadership can publicly state that it is with a heavy heart that they vote to impeach our president, Americans know this to be disingenuous at best.  Speaker Pelosi’s comments that the party has been working towards this for more than two years, speaks volumes to the American public about where this party stands and what (little) it hopes to actually accomplish.

Democrats would do well to heed George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley—a key witness during the Judiciary Committee hearings—that “this impeachment “would stand out among modern impeachments as the shortest proceeding, with the thinnest evidentiary record, and the narrowest grounds ever used to impeach a president.”  He went on to rebuke members of Congress for doing exactly what they accused President Trump of doing, pointing out that this impeachment is nothing short of the Democrats’ abuse of power.  This should terrify all Americans regardless of party affiliation.

The Democrats have not made their case. They have not clearly explained the egregious crimes for which President Trump is being impeached.  Apparently, none of this matters as tone deaf Democrats insist that if this effort fails, they’ll continue trying to impeach our president until they find a crime that sticks to their predetermined punishment. 

Americans have the power to right our nation’s course again by electing leaders to Congress who care about real issues that impact us every day: USCMA, trade with China, infrastructure, the economy, immigration reform, health care reform, prescription drug legislation and judicial nominations.  It’s time to vote out those who have forgotten their constituents and left their districts behind, staring with Sean Patrick Maloney."

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