Democrats have repackaged their decades long agenda to have the federal government take over our healthcare system under a catchy slogan – Medicare-for-All. Medicare is a popular, government-funded health insurance program for seniors. Medicare-for-All isn’t insurance for everyone. In fact, Medicare-for-All actually ends Medicare as we know It. Within five years, it also will eliminate employer-based health insurance plans that today provide coverage for 160 million Americans.

A decade ago, President Barack Obama led a Democratic Congress, voting along party lines, to pass Obamacare. It was offered with a false promise that it would save families thousands and would allow people to keep their doctors. Today, some 30 million Americans still don’t have health insurance coverage, costs continue to skyrocket and families have less choice in deciding which doctors they can see.

Democrats want to double down on the false hope they offered to create socialized medicine. This has been their goal all along. Make no mistake, it will be a failure bigger than Obamacare.

All we need to do is look at other modern countries who have government-run healthcare. Great Britain has socialized medicine. Their system has long wait times, discriminates against seniors and routinely denies care to those in need.

According to The Telegraph wait times are long:

  • 7 million people are on waiting lists for non-urgent operations;
  • 360,000 (1 in 10) of these people have been on a waiting list longer than the minimum waiting time of 18 weeks;
  • 1 in 14 people are on a waiting list for government healthcare services with a doctor they don’t get to choose.

Older patients are discriminated against:

  • The Daily Mail reported that 80% of seniors believe they are discriminated against for treatment.
  • A study by the National Cancer Intelligence Network shows that only 39% of women over 80 receive surgery for breast cancer compared to more than 90% under 50.

People are denied care:

  • Glasgow Live reports three women in labor were turned away from a hospital because the hospital was overburdened.
  • The Guardian reported that the Royal United Hospital closed its birth center for two weeks and doctors in another facility twice cancelled surgery for a patient with cancer because of a lack of beds.

Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren try to tell us that their plan to have the government take over healthcare will save money. Their plan will cost up to $40 trillion over 10 years. It would require higher taxes.

The 2020 election is a fight to protect our employer-based health insurance system. We must stop the Democrats from reaching their end goal of socialized medicine. It is a fallacy that will lead to longer waits, less choice and higher costs for all Americans.

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