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Tell Nancy Pelosi and Sean Patrick Maloney to Get Something Done!

Instead of repairing our deteriorating infrastructure, creating jobs, protecting the environment or repairing healthcare, Sean Patrick Maloney and Democrats in the House of Representatives are solely focused on impeaching President Trump.

Their impeachment inquiry is an attempt to undermine the choice voters made in the last election and it is wrong. 

After months of hiding his support for impeachment, Sean Patrick Maloney is now the face of the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

Sean_Patrick_Maloney.pngWestchester Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney Takes Leading Role In House Impeachment Inquiry

The Hudson Valley needs leaders in Washington who are focused on solving problems—not advancing a partisan political agenda.

Please sign my petition if you believe it’s time for Sean Patrick Maloney and the Congressional Democrats to start doing the job they were elected to do!

Will you sign?